Red Curbs Rollaids demo... Filmed in 16mm by Dave Deusterberg and featuring Dan Stempson and Steve Strand.
Red Curbs Wax demo... The test ledge went from unwaxed and unskateable to buttery enough for a broadslide across a dirt gap. Check it out and buy a brick or two.
A vid and some photos from the Fishbanks' August 27th Back to School Shred Fest and Barbecue.
A vid and some photos from my July trip to Ocean City, NJ and FDR Park in Philadelphia, PA. It was HOT!
Two new decks from Assault Skateboards... made in the U.S.A. and hand screened.
Three promotional videos sent to Red Curbs for your viewing pleasure from: Derick Asher, Tea Shack Project, and Assault Skateboards.
My girlfriend Gabrielle's cousin, Seamus, and his girlfriend, Dre, moved to Portland Oregon in June. We decided to visit them for the 4th of July. Armed with some gas cards (thanks Katie) and a cooler full of home brew, we hit the road to P-town.
8-year old Seth Sanders flies and goes buck!
Assault skates sent me a 8" deck to demo. I took the board down to Fishbanks Skate Shop in Sunnyvale to grip it up and meet with some homies. I was pleasantly surprised by a new feeling under my feet.
The first Skidmark Skate Mag Local Produce Trade Show happened on May 14 in San Jose, Ca at The Lake Cunningham Skate Park. It was a day of skating, product hawking, music, food, and a visit by the park ranger.
Eleven Sequences complied over the years. I just recently dusted off my film body for my Box of Film Project and ended up shooting a few new sequences. That inspired me to dig out the rest of the past sequences I've shot. Hope you enjoy them.
A true ripper, Rehole skates with skilled reckless abandon. He can bust every trick in the book, on the shittiest board, wearing basketball sneakers from Goodwill. He always has a swellbow, if not two. Every time he skates he does two things: hurts himself, and learns a new trick. Whether he's blasting fat flyouts or getting tech on a red curb, Rehole's skating is undeniably sick.
For the last two summers we had a pool to skate at an abandoned apartment complex. It was shitty and square with an un-skate-able shallow end and no carve-able corners. But what the pool lacked in skate-ability it made up for with complete availability. There was no way we were gonna get busted, and it was right in our hood.
We moved, which meant we had to tear down the garage ramp. It's sad, but we knew the day would come. The straight part of the ramp was donated to a church where it's set up inside. Ask Noggin about it if your see him.
In 2010 & 11, I made these videos and photographed and wrote these features for the Red Curbs® website. They are shown here in their original website format.

At the end of 2011, I stopped writing features and removed them from the website to concentrate on creating Red Curbs products. I currently post Red Curbs videos and photos on YouTube, on Instagram and on the Red Curbs Blog.