I'm a photographer and videographer, as well as a skateboarder, snowboarder, surfer and roller hockey player. While I thrive on shooting on-site action, I have studio experience in still photography and videography. I've designed studio and on-site scenes and lighting for product photography. I'm proficient in digital photo editing/manipulation and in video editing.

I once owned a skateboard retail store, Sunnyvale Skate Supply, and currently own and operate Red Curbs, a skateboard lifestyle company. I design and create Red Curbs products and sell them online. I handle the social media and advertising to promote Red Curbs, shooting photos and videos, creating graphics and logos, and designing print and online ads.

I'm skilled at photographing private parties and corporate events, but rarely do it anymore. Kids at preteen, bar and bat mitzvahs, and sweet 16 parties love me.

I have a BA with majors in photography and art from San Jose State University. I'm old enough that I used to shoot film! I've traveled in Europe and China and the coasts and across the USA, writing travelogues and photographing skateboarders and their lifestyles. I'm a highly motivated self-starter who relishes the opportunity to document the sport of skateboarding and the lifestyle of skateboarders in photos, videos, and words.

Self portrait, 2003